Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hey everyone.

My website is up and running

Please check it out!


Sorry anyone that has tried to get a hold of me today I’m really sick and only just got out of bedbusinesscardfront

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Diamond Sins - Labelled Official Music Video

T minus 30 seconds!


Heya everyone!

Long time no blog.

So as per  my last post I am back in Australia and I am drawing like a mad man!

I have decided to focus 100% of my time into Shiroi Usagi!

I have just launched my website

I am still working on the backend and it will be fully up and running by xmas!


I will probably stop using this blog soon and all my updates will be through my website and facebook for those new here!




I have alot of upcoming artshows here in Queensland and I also have some work in some shows in L.A and New York

You will be able to find photos of these events on my facebook page really soon!


Heres a sneaky look at one of my paintings

photo (14)


Anyways guys keep an eye out on my website for its launch and thanks for all my readers on here for the last few years, I may still blog here from time to time


Usagi out!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Facebook The Future

Sorry to all that read this. I'm not here much anymore. I do all my updates through facebook!
The link is on your right!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back in Black

Hey everyone!
Im back in Australia my time in Japan had to be cut short but I am glad to be home!

It feels great to be back on my old computer and I have already completed alot of digital work!

I am currently looking for work. I feel refreshed and keen to take on a new industry!
I would love to try retail for a while. I really enjoy talking to people! It's even better now to be in a country that I can speak to people aswell =P

Monday, July 2, 2012


Since blogger has been updated I haven't been able to post so I had to post this from an app I downloaded to my phone!

I'm still kicking it in Japan although I am feeling mighty homesick!

I've been repped worldwide lately with stickers and paste ups all over the place. Here are some below, plus some behind the scenes of the new Diamond Sins film clip. I designed the puppets!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Im the muthaflippin Easter bunny!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you're all O.Ding on chocolate. Im chilling on the couch about to watch Some DVDs. I shaved my head today and finished painting my new Kidrobot Munny, he looks dope! I also brought some frames for my other pieces. Also check out this custom piece on it's way to the States. Also a sticker collab with dope Brisbane artist Barek! Speaking of collab check this massive one I'm apart of!

Monday, March 26, 2012


These guys are so creative! I just had to share!!

Oh and I have new gear for sale Click here

Friday, March 9, 2012

Meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars

POLYSICS are probably my new fav band! I've listened to this song on repeat while I've been sketching.
I've had a week or so back in Australia
I've been trying out some portrait stuff. The one below is just someone I made up
I also updated my facebook to the new timeline! Its pretty good and Im not as anti timeline as much as I first thought I was. Here is my cover photo
I've also started making some new stickers that will be around the place soon. These have a bit more context then just some of the random scribble stickers that I have made in the past.

If you like you can add me on Facebook
Also I wrote a bit of a bio so yall can know a bit more about me and why I am the way I am and it reads as follows

Shiroi Usagi I grew up in a small town in far west NSW Australia. I was a day dreamer. I would use cartoons and music to escape the real world. I would draw a lot as a kid my Grandma would always make sure I covered the whole piece of paper before I could get a new one. In high school I studied animation. I was lucky enough to go to Sydney and tour all the animation studios. I also attended the Australian Cartoon School. The later years in High School I found out girls weren’t into cartoons as much as I was so I joined a band. The local council used to fund band events I would play so I became a volunteer for youth services organising events for bands to play. During this time I would also design flyers for upcoming shows and paint backdrops. In 2004 I left the sleepy mining town and headed for the Sunshine Coast where I studied multimedia. I also joined a new band this time as the front man. Despite not being able to sing the band did quite well in the Brisbane scene. We released an album which I did all the artwork for. Through MySpace we gained a lot of fans and the album was shipped worldwide. I would receive a lot of weird fan mail. I relocated to Brisbane to take a job as an audio lighting tech. I operated a lot of corporate shows and dealt with a lot of high profile clients. The hours weren’t for me and I needed something more creative. Around this time the band split up and I moved to the Gold Coast to work at the horror themed restaurant Dracula's. This really appealed to the show pony in me. I painted my face every night and signed a lot of photos. An offer to join a new band arose a few months later. I left Dracula's to focus on the band and I also worked for the next few years designing in the signage industry. The band did really well, I was back on bass and I handled all the bands album artwork and flyers. We toured up and down Australia and supported some of the biggest names from the American music industry. We were featured in street press, magazines and on television. Then it all came crashing to a holt. So I decided to make illustration my main focus! I needed a clean break so I packed up what I could and sold the stuff I couldn’t and moved to Japan. Japan has opened my eyes and I've never felt so creative.

Peace muthalovaz

Monday, February 27, 2012

If you don't like funerals don't kick sand in the ninjas face

Are bands ruining social networking sites? I think so! I've had bands add me on instagram lately they follow thousands of people it's so lame. Bands fucked myspace and I am probably guilty of this but the constant spamming "check out my band" or "come to my show" to people that don't even live near you pisses people off. I'm sure that's why people flocked to Facebook to get away from the spam. It was all good for a few years then bam you could make band pages then it started again. "check out my band" blah blah blah and the event invites oooh those fucking event invites don't invite me to your gigs if I don't live near you I'm not fucking coming! And bands creating events that aren't actual events there is a special place in hell for you dildos! There needs to be a band block on social networking sites before they are all ruined.

Im flying back to Australia today for a few weeks. I cant wait to be in the heat. I feel like Ive had 6 months of winter lol I need to defrost. I will miss Japan but I will be back soon. I think I am gunna miss Osaka the most. Its great check out these sticker bombs I found there 

The last few days in Japan have been so rad. Made some great friends while Ive been here. You need to check out the band Toylet. Japanese punk shows are fucking crazy and underground as all fuck. I went to a gig on Sunday night the first song the guitarist of the first band flung his guitar into the crowd then jumped around on stage like a freaken mad man. Yep I got hit by the guitar. I was was  way to hung over to stand that close to the front of the stage so I took my beer and went to the back of the venue (which was tiny by the way.)   

Japan has been amazing for me. It has let me rediscover music and get over being jaded by the poseur scene that has infected Australia. In Australia if you dont have sleeve tattoos people wont let you in their hardcore band, if you arent a pretty boy they wont let you in their rock band and if you aint metal enough they wont let you in their metal band. I remember being told that I couldnt wear certain clothes on stage because it didnt fit the bands image. Thats gaytarded! There is nothing worse then manufactured passion. 

Japan has also let me find my creativeness again. There is no better feeling then not being stressed about a day job and creative block that it brings. My mind feels young again. Japan has brought back the sense of wonder I used to feel when I was a kid. Ive been drawing nearly everyday and other days I have been writing my comic which I couldnt even get pass the first line a few months ago now I have written two issues and plotted a further 6. Amazing!! 

Ive also just designed some puppets for the new Diamond Sins film clip and I am working on the back drops but more on that soon! 

In case you havent noticed Ive changed my blog layout a bit. Im pretty happy with it. I will make a website for my art one day until then the blog will do.

Oh and make sure you get down on the new Die Antwoord those guys are creative as all hell!

I'll leave you with this I found on the net it made me nearly wet myself with laughter. See ya when Im looking at ya 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Woofface Returns

In 2010 I promised Woofface comics! Its only taken 2 years for me to write the second strip! Here it is!
More comic goodness coming soon. I promise

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lost in Translation

I've never really drawn portraits before, I've always admired people that could. 
Anyways I was watching Ghostbusters in my apartment here in Japan and I thought to myself I need to draw!
Who should I pick to draw?
Bill F##KEN Murray!  I've always been a fan of his work and would have to say he is one of my favorite actors. 
So here is my pencil portrait of Bill Murray. 
I hope it kinda looks like him.

Ive decided to try more portraits hopefully I can get better.
Usagi out!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Irrashaimase 2012 mofos!!

Hey blog readers, first things first....HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
Yeah, yeah I know I'm a little late, but never late then never I always say.
So I've just eaten some noodles and I thought I better post an update about my time in Japan.
Well I now have the internet on at my place which is rad although I've noticed I havent picked up a pen in like 4 days!! Alot of Facebookie catch up 

Japan is crazy its so different and not being able to speak any Japanese has been a real challenge.
I am pretty homesick at the moment but I hope that will pass soon! 

This is a really neat lake around the corner from my apartment, I cant wait until is warms up to go and sit there and draw!
And I get my coke fix, this is crazy its a canbottle! 

I have started working on a new style that I'd thought I'd share with you guys.
I am getting these framed and I have more but I'm not putting them up on the net yet.
Go to a happy place

Normally I dont put finished pieces online(actually alot of the work on my blog is unfinished)
I really dig the idea of lots of detail and using the whole space while still keeping my lowbrow style
 Pay no attention to the man with the pen

Tonight we dine in hell

These are all A3 size I'm pretty happy with how they have turned out
oh and heres a guy I did up the first week I got here

If you head on over to my facebook page you can see more work
I update there quite a bit.
Peace out homies