Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adelaide Zombie Walk Poster Competition

While googling the word tit, I keep finding compeTITions to enter.
Today I entered the comp to design Adelaide Zombie walks poster for next year.
The zombie walks are getting bigger and bigger and ironically I missed the Brisbane zombie walk today while I messed around with this.

wish me luck!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Beserk Clothing Comp

Hey homies, I havent entered a art comp since I was a kid I forgot how much fun it is!

Its for Beserk Clothing which is a dope, dark clothing label based right here outta Brisbane

This is my submission

I thought I'd bring two of my monsters back together for a battle to the death!!

Check out

If you can click like on my pic!/photo.php?fbid=500820471152&set=a.500459111152.292194.81023666152

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Warning old school comics

Since I was going through old school art and stuff as per my last post, you get two posts in one day, how lucky you guys are, all seven of you that actually read my blog.
This is a comic I did for an old magazine called Core.....They never published it
cock fishing

hmmmm I wonder why.....

Here is another comic they did publish, under our crew Ritcher Jabels
panel onepanel two
Panel 3Panel 4
Panel 5Panel 6
Panel 7

Somehow this was published!!!
Who woulda thought fishing was so funny!!

Warped Child

ummm wft

Heres a story I wrote and illustrated back in kindergarten
Reppin Shiroi waaaaaaaay back when

wasnt i cute!