Friday, November 26, 2010


Wudup chud face?
I was looking back at my time in my dope as fuck band Devilution.
The band is on a long hold atm, I'm excited as all fuck though, as I'm jamming with some mean musos on Sunday.
Its gunna be epic, I’ve already got tons of sketches for flyers and merch, but that's me getting ahead of myself!
Anywhoo I was looking at some of the posters I've done for Devilution over the time. Most of them were last minute jobs with a week or two until the shows and no promo had been done, so I'd have to smash out a poster in ten minutes to make it to the printers in time.  LOL fun and games.
That being said some are dope and some are utter shit but here they are.

I think you can tell the ones that I had to rush through
Here’s an ad I did for Underground United pimpin my wears ( i did their covers until they went bust)

Here’s a pic of me about to do a poster run in Sydney
Droppin J Bombs
Here is a random piece I gave to a fan at one of the Sydney shows and some of my Photoshop skillz published in Custom Tattoo Oz magazine.
rare as hens teethCustom Tattoo Oz
A poster I did up at the Globe Brisbane.
Back in the day when I used to sing in Raising The Dead, I would smack up really bad flyers, I did this as a gag to get people taking about the band, I remember some of those shows back in the day were massive. Hahaha some of these are sooooo bad!!!

Anyways enough with this old stale shit, I cant wait for this new band and designing new flyers and shit. I wont stop grinding until I make it

peace out! Bunny

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My dad puts dead rats in my bed then gets drunk and fights police men



Word up homies?
Ive been working alot in illustrator getting my vector on!

Check these out


Dope huh???Here is a self portrait


mmmmm vectorlisousBunny

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back To The Future Part 4

Capture2whoa!!! lookout below!!!

HORSE PORN….opps thought that was google

I found my old account on deviantart, what a trip! There is pics and artworks back from 2006

Although this picture was uploaded to deviantart in
December 2006 I actually drew it originally when I was 14. 13 years ago!!! WHACK I know. I think I drew it at school when I was in detention for not doing my homework.

When I first coloured this, I think I was just starting to get my head around photoshop, colours, layers etc.

Previous to this I used to the paint bucket tool, then I would shrink the image down until the pixels blurred and gave it a softer look. I’ve come along way. Which leads me to my next picture on my old account.

Kerry King from Slayer!!!
This muthasucker was handdrawn then coloured in MSPAINT. No word of a lie. Actually when it is up next to the Square head duck with a gun you can really notice the colour difference. Good old web colours!
I did this up for a local music store on the Sunshine Coast as part of their redeveloped website.
I remember the pitch to rebuild their website and that we could build a Flash website.
They said it didn’t need to be too flash LOL

Who even uses Flash these days????

Anywhoo why don’t you relax have a nice cold drink and check out some of my 06ish artworks from my old account.

Photoshop madness. The top one is my best mate Davey Damaged and the Bottom is one of my alter egos Asbestoss Vorhees.

We actually used to play in a band back in the day together around 2003ish?? Here is one of very tasteful shirt designs we used to sell

You can probably find our old shitfucked demos online; try either or try

I’m not going to check if those links actually work, so if you click em and land on some midget porn don’t blame me.

If you are looking for that kind of thing and you find some good stuff make sure you email me the goods, brother!

yeeeeeeeew STACKS ON JESUS!!!

I would post our other shirt design if I can find it, actually if any of the old BOD crew has these shirts or photos of themselves wearing the shirts please hook me up with some photos!

Blasts from the pasts rock my weenie.

I used to have a thing for Pandas aswell! I personally think they are fucking dope! Below are some photo shop pieces from 2006.

Oh and check my old Yeti photoshop piece. No wonder I work as a graphic designer!! making real estate signs

Freaking cool hey?? kinda reminds me of this little monster I did.


On that note I’ll leave this as food for thought and if you would like to see any of my old work, or my current work please check out or for all the new gooey goodness


To be concluded………….Bunny

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hardcore Porne 2010

I use Illustrator constantly at work although I've never been artist with it.

I always see dope vector art on the net, so tonight I thought I’d try my hand at it.


I still have a while to go to get where I want to be with Illustrator but I don't think this is bad
for a first attempt!

That pen tool is a muthafucker!!!Bunny

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is a juggalo??

Word up muthalovers.
I’ve been hanging out spending a fair bit of my time browsing the awesome works on deviantart and although I’ve been a member for frecking ages I couldn't remember my password…DOH
Click me
Anywhose I figured it out and I uploaded a nutload of work on there. Its sweet!
I've also been working on more Zazzle works they are up for sale on my Zazzle store….The link is over there on the right of the page.
Check my Zazzle Store!!
I'm still also trying to get my clothing label launched, its been a long time coming but it will happen!
Just life gets in the way my current car is playing up which sucks and seems all my bills arrive at once.
Pity they cant be duck bills….
Click or email me to buy this $$$$
Plus it didn’t help that over the weekend was Halloween. I spent a bucket on booze and getting loose and all fuck. I didn't dress up this year and to add insult to injury this chick asked me if I was dressed up as Michael Moore…..fuuuuuuuuck you!!!!
I think I got all my dressing up as a zombie outta my system years ago when I used to sing in a “horror band”
Yeah that's me circa 2005ish
I also used to work for Draculas, which is horror themed restaurant on the Gold Coast, I loved that job!!!
Dressing up like a zombie and scaring people and being an asshole was awesome!!!

Anyways spookyface I hope you had a rad Halloween
Check ya on tha flip sideBunny