Monday, December 27, 2010

See you in the funny papers!

Merry XXXmas everyone, hope y'all had a dope day like me :)
I caught up with family it was great!!
Anyways I have some time off my "real" job so I have time to finally do some work on my comic!
My writers block I had for like 5 years is starting to unblock and I have a nutload of backlog flooding out.
Anyways here is some samples;
This is the first mock up of one of the pages, just to give you an idea of how I'm putting this together

Annnnd to the right you can see some inked versions of the same thing.

You may notice that the two panels inbetween are missing. This is because I got excitied and decided to ink up the first and final panel for the page before I even drew the other panels. This wont matter though, since this is my comic I'm doing this my way and I will just photoshop the other panels in once they are done.

Im thinking I might keep the whole comic black and white, give it that old school underground vibe. In fact this book is going to be so underground you will have to start digging in your backyard now just to find a copy!
Jokes knuckles, once it is done I will have it for sale online!
Happy New Year....PEACE!!
*edit here it it with the other panels thanks to photoshop, it still needs work and I am not fully happy with it