Monday, March 26, 2012


These guys are so creative! I just had to share!!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars

POLYSICS are probably my new fav band! I've listened to this song on repeat while I've been sketching.
I've had a week or so back in Australia
I've been trying out some portrait stuff. The one below is just someone I made up
I also updated my facebook to the new timeline! Its pretty good and Im not as anti timeline as much as I first thought I was. Here is my cover photo
I've also started making some new stickers that will be around the place soon. These have a bit more context then just some of the random scribble stickers that I have made in the past.

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Also I wrote a bit of a bio so yall can know a bit more about me and why I am the way I am and it reads as follows

Shiroi Usagi I grew up in a small town in far west NSW Australia. I was a day dreamer. I would use cartoons and music to escape the real world. I would draw a lot as a kid my Grandma would always make sure I covered the whole piece of paper before I could get a new one. In high school I studied animation. I was lucky enough to go to Sydney and tour all the animation studios. I also attended the Australian Cartoon School. The later years in High School I found out girls weren’t into cartoons as much as I was so I joined a band. The local council used to fund band events I would play so I became a volunteer for youth services organising events for bands to play. During this time I would also design flyers for upcoming shows and paint backdrops. In 2004 I left the sleepy mining town and headed for the Sunshine Coast where I studied multimedia. I also joined a new band this time as the front man. Despite not being able to sing the band did quite well in the Brisbane scene. We released an album which I did all the artwork for. Through MySpace we gained a lot of fans and the album was shipped worldwide. I would receive a lot of weird fan mail. I relocated to Brisbane to take a job as an audio lighting tech. I operated a lot of corporate shows and dealt with a lot of high profile clients. The hours weren’t for me and I needed something more creative. Around this time the band split up and I moved to the Gold Coast to work at the horror themed restaurant Dracula's. This really appealed to the show pony in me. I painted my face every night and signed a lot of photos. An offer to join a new band arose a few months later. I left Dracula's to focus on the band and I also worked for the next few years designing in the signage industry. The band did really well, I was back on bass and I handled all the bands album artwork and flyers. We toured up and down Australia and supported some of the biggest names from the American music industry. We were featured in street press, magazines and on television. Then it all came crashing to a holt. So I decided to make illustration my main focus! I needed a clean break so I packed up what I could and sold the stuff I couldn’t and moved to Japan. Japan has opened my eyes and I've never felt so creative.

Peace muthalovaz