Friday, January 13, 2012

Irrashaimase 2012 mofos!!

Hey blog readers, first things first....HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
Yeah, yeah I know I'm a little late, but never late then never I always say.
So I've just eaten some noodles and I thought I better post an update about my time in Japan.
Well I now have the internet on at my place which is rad although I've noticed I havent picked up a pen in like 4 days!! Alot of Facebookie catch up 

Japan is crazy its so different and not being able to speak any Japanese has been a real challenge.
I am pretty homesick at the moment but I hope that will pass soon! 

This is a really neat lake around the corner from my apartment, I cant wait until is warms up to go and sit there and draw!
And I get my coke fix, this is crazy its a canbottle! 

I have started working on a new style that I'd thought I'd share with you guys.
I am getting these framed and I have more but I'm not putting them up on the net yet.
Go to a happy place

Normally I dont put finished pieces online(actually alot of the work on my blog is unfinished)
I really dig the idea of lots of detail and using the whole space while still keeping my lowbrow style
 Pay no attention to the man with the pen

Tonight we dine in hell

These are all A3 size I'm pretty happy with how they have turned out
oh and heres a guy I did up the first week I got here

If you head on over to my facebook page you can see more work
I update there quite a bit.
Peace out homies

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