Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is a juggalo??

Word up muthalovers.
I’ve been hanging out spending a fair bit of my time browsing the awesome works on deviantart and although I’ve been a member for frecking ages I couldn't remember my password…DOH
Click me
Anywhose I figured it out and I uploaded a nutload of work on there. Its sweet!
I've also been working on more Zazzle works they are up for sale on my Zazzle store….The link is over there on the right of the page.
Check my Zazzle Store!!
I'm still also trying to get my clothing label launched, its been a long time coming but it will happen!
Just life gets in the way my current car is playing up which sucks and seems all my bills arrive at once.
Pity they cant be duck bills….
Click or email me to buy this $$$$
Plus it didn’t help that over the weekend was Halloween. I spent a bucket on booze and getting loose and all fuck. I didn't dress up this year and to add insult to injury this chick asked me if I was dressed up as Michael Moore…..fuuuuuuuuck you!!!!
I think I got all my dressing up as a zombie outta my system years ago when I used to sing in a “horror band”
Yeah that's me circa 2005ish
I also used to work for Draculas, which is horror themed restaurant on the Gold Coast, I loved that job!!!
Dressing up like a zombie and scaring people and being an asshole was awesome!!!

Anyways spookyface I hope you had a rad Halloween
Check ya on tha flip sideBunny

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