Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back To The Future Part 4

Capture2whoa!!! lookout below!!!

HORSE PORN….opps thought that was google

I found my old account on deviantart, what a trip! There is pics and artworks back from 2006

Although this picture was uploaded to deviantart in
December 2006 I actually drew it originally when I was 14. 13 years ago!!! WHACK I know. I think I drew it at school when I was in detention for not doing my homework.

When I first coloured this, I think I was just starting to get my head around photoshop, colours, layers etc.

Previous to this I used to the paint bucket tool, then I would shrink the image down until the pixels blurred and gave it a softer look. I’ve come along way. Which leads me to my next picture on my old account.

Kerry King from Slayer!!!
This muthasucker was handdrawn then coloured in MSPAINT. No word of a lie. Actually when it is up next to the Square head duck with a gun you can really notice the colour difference. Good old web colours!
I did this up for a local music store on the Sunshine Coast as part of their redeveloped website.
I remember the pitch to rebuild their website and that we could build a Flash website.
They said it didn’t need to be too flash LOL

Who even uses Flash these days????

Anywhoo why don’t you relax have a nice cold drink and check out some of my 06ish artworks from my old account.

Photoshop madness. The top one is my best mate Davey Damaged and the Bottom is one of my alter egos Asbestoss Vorhees.

We actually used to play in a band back in the day together around 2003ish?? Here is one of very tasteful shirt designs we used to sell

You can probably find our old shitfucked demos online; try either or try

I’m not going to check if those links actually work, so if you click em and land on some midget porn don’t blame me.

If you are looking for that kind of thing and you find some good stuff make sure you email me the goods, brother!

yeeeeeeeew STACKS ON JESUS!!!

I would post our other shirt design if I can find it, actually if any of the old BOD crew has these shirts or photos of themselves wearing the shirts please hook me up with some photos!

Blasts from the pasts rock my weenie.

I used to have a thing for Pandas aswell! I personally think they are fucking dope! Below are some photo shop pieces from 2006.

Oh and check my old Yeti photoshop piece. No wonder I work as a graphic designer!! making real estate signs

Freaking cool hey?? kinda reminds me of this little monster I did.


On that note I’ll leave this as food for thought and if you would like to see any of my old work, or my current work please check out or for all the new gooey goodness


To be concluded………….Bunny

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