Friday, November 26, 2010


Wudup chud face?
I was looking back at my time in my dope as fuck band Devilution.
The band is on a long hold atm, I'm excited as all fuck though, as I'm jamming with some mean musos on Sunday.
Its gunna be epic, I’ve already got tons of sketches for flyers and merch, but that's me getting ahead of myself!
Anywhoo I was looking at some of the posters I've done for Devilution over the time. Most of them were last minute jobs with a week or two until the shows and no promo had been done, so I'd have to smash out a poster in ten minutes to make it to the printers in time.  LOL fun and games.
That being said some are dope and some are utter shit but here they are.

I think you can tell the ones that I had to rush through
Here’s an ad I did for Underground United pimpin my wears ( i did their covers until they went bust)

Here’s a pic of me about to do a poster run in Sydney
Droppin J Bombs
Here is a random piece I gave to a fan at one of the Sydney shows and some of my Photoshop skillz published in Custom Tattoo Oz magazine.
rare as hens teethCustom Tattoo Oz
A poster I did up at the Globe Brisbane.
Back in the day when I used to sing in Raising The Dead, I would smack up really bad flyers, I did this as a gag to get people taking about the band, I remember some of those shows back in the day were massive. Hahaha some of these are sooooo bad!!!

Anyways enough with this old stale shit, I cant wait for this new band and designing new flyers and shit. I wont stop grinding until I make it

peace out! Bunny

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