Friday, October 7, 2011

Stick it to the man, or fencepost.

Yo humanisms!  So I’ve been traveling again and I took my homies with me. After 7 days of drinking straight my liver is about to shrivel and turn to dust. Quick someone pass me a beer!
I thought I share a some of my sticker collection with y’all, I cant remember if I posted about finding all these new sticker trading blogs? Ah anyways I haven't traded any yet, but I intend to, to join up with slappers worldwide. Did I mention how many slappers I saw in my hometown? Geez those bitches must love their KFC!!

I sent out a heap of stickers to some peeps through my Facebook page, they said they send me some pic once they had bombed them around the place!
Oh I may or may not of stuck some on my road trip across South Australia?!
I moose well share some of my happy snaps that I took. Have you ever noticed that anyfacko that takes a photo then puts their name on it and “photography” after their name, like they are some freaken pro? Well I thought I’d take the piss and throw a few filters over some of my IPhone shots ( I think they turned out better then most “photographers”)

Also I have done some more on this guy since my last post, he is almost done!@!@!

Anyways muthalovers I’m knacker time for a catnap!

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