Sunday, May 8, 2011

May-day! Man Overboard

Whoa holy shit, I cant believe its May already!
Where the fuck is this year going, my life is going so fast I cant seem to keep up!
I turn 28 this week. 30 is getting closer and closer…. hmmm thought I’d own and house and be uber famous by now.
Check this design I did for this new band that's coming out in Brisbane, these guys will blow your nutsacks clean off
Pretty Gnarly right??
I also just sketched up this warsvstrek Thought it might be funny for all you geeks like me out there. I also wanted to do a picture of two Vulcans doing their greeting but making hand vaginas and laughing; maybe next time.
Also I have updated a load of stuff updated on my ZAZZLE STORE
get onto it!!

I also did up a logo for my bros band Traditions! They are currently recording their latest EP
There is a link to their film clip in a previous post below!
I’ve also gone back to my roots(un-used education) of webdesign (kinda) Again for Tremors!
They havent got any media yet so I did a mock up site
Check ya soon homies! Bunny

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